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About Domain Authority Checker

What is domain authority?

The domain authority of a website is the yardstick which provides information about the feasibility or suitability of a website for a specific niche or industry. 

Developed by moz.com, it provides this bit of information by means of points ranging from 0 to 100. A higher DA number for a website indicates its greater degree of suitability on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs).

While a free website authority checker helps users to find this important bit of information, most people tend to confuse its results with that of page authority.

What page authority is for a specific webpage of a website, a website authority point is for a whole website.

Why does a webmaster need to use the domain authority checker tool?

The internet is like the universe of websites. There are billions of websites on it. Getting the information about the reputable and authoritative websites out of the crowd of several websites is like hunting for grain in a speck of dust.

Fortunately, there is a bulk domain authority checker tool to help webmasters in this regard. Its rating system helps in drawing a line of distinction between the most authoritative and reputed sites from the ones that are not so reliable.

One can check the domain authority of multiple URLs using the tool based on the rating system of MOZ Domain Authority.

While some websites exist on the internet for years, others emerge fresh and still become authoritative. The domain authority tool provides users with the requisite information to make an informed decision on the selection of a website.

The rating system of the MOZ domain authority helps in getting the relevant information.

What factors influence domain authority?

Moz takes a long list of factors into consideration while calculating the domain authority points of a website. To be precise, their number ranges in hundreds, including the following primary factors:

  • The speed of a website

  • Moz trust

  • Quality of a website’s content

  • Social signals

  • The duration of time for which a website has been alive on the internet since its appearance on Google

  • The volume of content on a given website

  • The quality of the links on a website

  • The number of backlinks of a website

  • Reference of root domains

What are the best ways to improve the domain authority (DA) of your website?

Your best bet to improve the domain authority is to ensure that you work on the aforementioned factors that affect the DA of your website.

The prominent among them are getting backlinks from authoritative websites. When your site gets them, it is like getting votes from credible candidates. 

Getting more backlinks can come in handy to place your website on the good books of Google. 

For checking both DA and PA you will need specific tools. There is nothing like being able to check both with a single tool instead of using two different sets of tools. You can make use of the MOZ DA PA checker for this purpose. 

Apart from taking care of the backlinks on your website, the next thing you need to emphasize is the quality of the content on your website. 

Your idea should be to make the content of your website great in terms of quality, uniqueness and relevance.

What do the calculations of DA PA checker involve?

A DA PA checker tool makes use of more than a hundred factors to calculate the number of points for a website. The prominent among them include the following:

  • A website’s age

  • The number of backlinks to a website from an authoritative website

  • Different forms of backlinks on a given site

  • The quality of the content on a website

  • The duration a website takes to load on average

  • Moz trust

  • Social signals

  • Image quality

  • The design of a website

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