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About Article Rewriter

What Is an Article Rewriter or Spinner Tool?

An article rewriter tool is a form of online paraphrasing software or program which provides alternative paraphrasing for a given sentence without changing its meaning. It enables a user to keep the ideas the same as given in a source but express it in their way.

Article spinner tools have gained traction due to the surging demand for producing quality content. On average, it takes both time and effort to recreate a piece of content in the same order without altering its meaning.

Apart from helping you rewrite sentences without changing the meaning as given in a source, it also saves you time and hassle.

How Does an Article Spinner Tool Work?

An article spinner works under a simple rule. To rewrite sentences by following the information from a source, a user needs to follow a few simple steps which are given below. 

  • At first, a user needs to copy and paste a part of the text from a source in the relevant field on the tool. 
  • Every sentence changer generator consists of a box with the instruction to paste the text from a link or document. It is important to adhere to the character limit of a tool while pasting a sentence or a paragraph.
  • Following the entry of the text, a user needs to click the option to rewrite it. 
  • Thereafter, the paraphrase generator starts scanning the text content. It generally takes a few seconds for the tool to bring out the rewritten text. However, the length of time needed to accomplish the task may vary from one tool to the other.

Who Needs to Use a Free Paraphrasing Tool and Why?

Anyone with the need to write authentic content may turn out to be a user of a free paraphrasing tool. 

Generally, nine out of ten times, the following people use an English paraphrasing tool:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Users of social media

The aforementioned list involves the common users of the tool. Any individual can use it whenever they feel the need of writing authentic content using the ideas from a text by another writer or author.

More importantly, it is the requirement of a special skill called rewriting which encourages a user to use a professional paraphrasing tool.

What is rewriting? The answer may vary from one person to the other. 

Some people may define it as the art of creativity. Others may opine that it is a necessity. But for a layman, its definition is rather simple. Rewriting involves the expression of the same ideas, as mentioned in a source, in different ways. 

It may sound straightforward but it can be a challenging prospect for many people. Without the knack of writing or command over synonyms and alternative phrases in English, one can find rewriting a hard nut to crack.

From students to writers or bloggers, a word rewriter tool helps everyone alike. Not only does it save time but it also reduces the effort involved in doing a lot of research on the internet for synonyms, alternative phrases, and substitutions.

Whether you wish to write a thesis paper, a blog or a post for social media, rewriting is a useful skill that will come in handy for you in various situations these days. By using a free paraphrase tool, you can execute this task with minimum effort.

The tool scans the text and provides you with the alternative text keeping the meaning the same.

In what ways does an article rewriter benefit its users?

Different people are likely to find an article spinner tool useful in distinct ways. Here is a list of ways in which it may prove to be an asset to its users:

  • It enables users to produce a piece of content that is free from plagiarism.
  • It makes it possible for users and other users to create articles, blogs, thesis, documents, and other pieces of writing in a quick time.
  • It empowers teachers or tutors with the ability to prepare notes for their students in a hassle-free and effortless manner.
  • It saves time.
  • It boosts the output of its users.

The list may go on and on with several other advantages of using a free article spinner for tasks wherein you need to do a lot of writing.

Article Rewriting and Paraphrasing Tool for Free: The Best Content Spinner by SEOToolr

SEOToolr is one of the leading article spinner tools on the internet. Its useful features make it the best article rewriter tool available online. 

Simple to use, yet intuitive in design, it does not necessitate a user to pay any fee. All you need to do to rephrase an article online for free using the tool is copy and paste its text in the box.  

Next, click on the ‘Submit’ option below the box. Depending on the length of the text in your original article, our free article spinner will deliver you result in a few seconds to minutes.

With our free article spinner and rewriter tool, you can rewrite a paragraph to avoid plagiarism as many times you want. Because it won’t cost a dime, you can use it as many times you want to generate content without any copied parts from a given source.

Try our free online software to re-write content plagiarism-free, and see how it works for you.

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