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About Keyword Position Checker

What is the keyword position in SERP?

Most webmasters use a free keyword position checker tool to know the position of the keywords for their website. 

Keyword position is the ranking of the keywords of a website in SERPs.

Using the same keywords for two or more websites leads to competition among them for the top positions in SERP. Thus, keyword position becomes an important factor for traffic generation for a website.

SERP stands for search engine results pages. It is the output of Google on a specific search query. 

A webmaster may also opt for multiple keyword rank checker and other premium tools for this purpose.

Why is it necessary to employ the best SEO rank checker tool for checking the position of a keyword in search engines?

From time to time, Google checks a website’s adherence to its SEO guidelines. Webmasters need to follow these guidelines to rank their website on Google with their SEO campaign. 

To a large extent, the choice of keywords and their use dictate the fate of an SEO campaign that revolves around the two aforementioned factors. Thus, it becomes necessary for a webmaster to keep abreast with the performance of their chosen website over time.

Analysing the performance of keywords for a website helps them evaluate the success of their SEO campaign. Also, it keeps their campaign on course and enables them to make changes to their SEO strategy if required.

Using reliable online keyword rank checker software is a webmaster’s best bet to take the keyword position of their website on top. Also, it enables them to retain the slot for a long time.

Organizations set up a website for a reason. They go live with it to reach out to their target audience in a better way.


Generally, websites that appear on the first page of SERPs get the bulk of the traffic on the internet. With a Google position checker, a webmaster gets to know if their website is where they intend it to be on SERPs.

A bulk rank checker tool enables them to make the necessary changes on time if their website fails to achieve its desired position. This way, they get a chance to identify and fix the existing issues in their keyword strategy before it is too late. 

Even as they meet their targeted outcomes, sometimes webmasters look for ways to further improve the ranking of their website. 

What does rank checker tool do?

What appears on the internet is not gospel. A webmaster may publish articles or blogs with targetted keywords and backlinks at regular intervals. Still, they lose the plot to meet their expectations in terms of keyword rankings.

Among other things, a rank checker Google keywords ranking checker apprises a webmaster of the position of their keywords from time to time. That is to say, the tool helps them get a snapshot of the performance of their chosen keywords.

If it indicates a drop in the keyword position, it means something is wrong with their keyword strategy. They can adopt a different strategy to fix the existing issues in time to better the overall position of their keywords. 

What are the benefits of using online keyword rank checker software?

There can be a variety of reasons for using a rank checker tool. From the need to check website rank in SERP to getting solutions to many issues, here are some key benefits of using it

  • Keyword position checker software helps to find out the position of keywords via the domain name.

  • It allows the entry of multiple keywords. If you need to find out the keyword position of two or more keywords, you can do it effortlessly without any hassle. It enables you to check the position of up to 500 entries.

  • It is an inexpensive way of checking the position of your keywords.

  • It does not need any special skills or knowledge to operate. All you need to do is just copy and paste the keywords and click on the relevant buttons.

  • Many webmasters step into the world of SEO without diving too much into the details. The report published by a keyword rank checker helps them find out the negative outcomes with regard to the position of the keywords of their website and change their strategy before it is too late.

How to use free bulk rank checker tool provided by SEOToolr

Our bulk rank checker tool is tailor-made to discover the keyword positions of your website. 

Here’s what you need to do to run it successfully.

  • After landing on our keyword position checker page, enter the name of your domain in the relevant field.

  • Next, input or copy and paste your keywords one after the other in a line-wise sequence.

  • Choose the number of keyword positions that you wish to check. On average, you can choose to check up to 500 positions on our website.

  • Hit the “Find Keyword Position” option at the bottom.

Follow these simple steps to run our tool and check keyword ranking for free.

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