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Blacklist Lookup

Google blacklists malicious websites and notifies the users as well as the owner’s website of the same. The Google webmasters analyze websites based on set parameters to check if it is safe for the user to navigate through them. 

When a website is found to be potentially harmful, Google removes it from its index and blacklists it. Blacklisted websites losses more than 90% of their organic traffic. 

Bloggers and website owners must regularly perform audits on their websites and keep them optimized so they do not get blacklisted. There are many free website blacklist check tools available online which let you check if your website is blacklisted or is affected by malware.

A host of search engines and sites such as Google, Bing, Macfee site advisor, blacklist websites when they find malware such as trojan horses, hacks, phishing, information scraping, etc and notify the website owner. 

In most of these scenarios, the website owner is not even aware of these potential security threats. A search engine does not rank the websites that are infected with malware or those which are hacked as they do not want user’s devices to be infected from the malware which comes from these websites. 

You can choose the best seo blacklist check software for your business websites and keep them optimized.

What Is a Website Blacklist Checker Tool? 

SEOToolr provides the best blacklist checker tools available online to notify you if your website has vulnerabilities, is sending spam, or is infected, these tools scan for all these vulnerabilities and notify you. 

The IP address linked to the domain name is scanned to check if it is healthy so it does not generate spam content through the email addresses linked to the website or install malware on the user’s devices who visit the website. You can check if your website is blacklisted and is spamming users who visit it by putting the URL in these tools to run the scan. Is your website blacklisted? To get an answer you must run a scan using a spam website checker tool.

 The DNSBL, also known as Domain Name Blacklists have spam filters to check the website from which the spam is being generated. If you own the IP you can delist it using tools available online. There is a list of criteria that DNSBL matches to check if the website is blacklisted. It runs a spam blacklist check providing useful information to know the problem areas.

Benefits of Using a Website Blacklist Lookup Tool

It notifies you of security breaches and provides information on the aspects of the website you can optimize. You can keep the status of your website healthy using this tool. 

You can use this tool to eliminate spam from the website. You can choose this spam website checker to know if you are blacklisted.

When your website and IP are removed from the blacklist, your emails reach the inbox of the recipients and not the spam folder. Your website will gain popularity for being a safe website to browse. You are recommended to use the domain blacklist checker by SEOToolr regularly for spam emails and check-ups. You can also use MX Lookup to check the domain blacklist.

It is a useful SEO tool even for those who flip domains. If you are purchasing an expired domain, you can run a scan with this tool before purchasing an expired domain and see check if a website is blacklisted. You will be provided information about the number of servers the domain has been blacklisted in.  You can also perform an online domain blacklist check to ensure your website is safe.

How Do I Know If My Domain Is Blacklisted?  

You can run through a diagnostic test with the help of numerous blacklist checker tools available online. If you send bulk emails for email campaigns, this tool will be handy to scan to check if your website is blacklisted. The MX records of the mail server of the website are scanned for changes. This will let you send and receive emails from your website. The blacklist lookup is an easy to use service for domains and IP scanning for spam and malware.  This is how you check if the website is blacklisted. 

When to Use the Website Blacklist Tool Lookup?

 You can use this tool to check if your website is blacklisted if you are not able to send or receive emails from this account. When you use this tool, you can determine with the results if yours or the receiver/sender’s website is blacklisted. 

Bulk emails are treated as spam regardless of the content the message contains. You can choose this free blacklist monitoring tool to know if your website is blacklisted in simple and easy steps.

 Businesses who send bulk emails to promote their products might get blacklisted even if their emails are legitimate. You can use this tool regularly to check the number of SPAM database servers it is listed in. It provides information so you can continue with operations of promoting your products and services over the digital medium without interruptions. You can perform a Google blacklist check with this tool and know if your website is safe.

 Reasons Google Blacklists Websites

 The primary reason for the blacklisting website is if it is distributing malware, virus, or spam which lower the performance of individual devices receiving this information. Hackers infect a website with malware which impacts its functionality and performance. Users who visit these websites, their devices are infected as well. You can use this URL blacklist check to know if your website is blacklisted.

 A website that poses a security threat is blacklisted. A web server which is not installed with a proper security mechanism is hacked and infected with malware and starts distributing virus automatically to the user’s computer system. Do not use simple administrator passwords for your websites as they can be easily accessed by hackers.

Measures to Protect Your Website from Being Blacklisted

 Most of the websites use FTP servers that are not set up for security measures. User’s login details and passwords are sniffed easily if there is no proper security measure taken to add a security layer to the website. You can use web security tools as well as web firewall applications to prevent hacking and your website being used to distribute spam.

 Your email could enter a blacklist if a large number of users send your emails to the spam folder. If you are sending bulk emails to promote your products and business, you can take care of precautionary measures such as not purchasing scrap email addresses, monitoring any complaints or feedback from users, making your you add an unsubscribe link in your emails, and regularly run a spam test. 

Signs Your Website Is Blacklisted

  • Your website is being redirected to porn, loan, or some other spam site
  • Your website displays malware message of being compromised
  • If your hosting service notifies you that your website is infected
  • When you see irrelevant or pharmaceutical reference on your website
  • Bank directories being displayed on your server without you putting them on it
  • Users and clients send you feedback that your website is being blocked by antivirus programs
  • Unauthorized display of administrator and user accounts which you did not create
  • Your website is flagged for phishing
  • When you get weird ads or pages after searching for your website in Google
  • Email starts bouncing
  • Spam content and weird pop-ups appear on your website
  • Your website becomes very slow
  • Unusual traffic and increase of bandwidth
  • You receive warning about malicious code in your Webmaster tool account
  • Your site is no more indexed in Google

How to Use Website Blacklist Checker Tool by Seotoolr

Just enter the URL in the box provided and click the submit button. You will be provided a list of SPAM database servers in which your URL is listed. If the status shows not listed in all of the servers, your website is safe and not blacklisted.

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