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What method do Alexa rankings follow?

Alexa rank checker is an important tool for knowing the popularity of a website on the web. It makes use of browser extensions and toolbars to provide traffic-related information about a website and also its rankings.

Getting the requisite information about the popularity of a website based on the metric of web traffic data is easier than ever before - thanks to Alexa rankings. It ranks websites in a serial order based on the number of visitors to it.

Alexa uses a well-defined method to rank the websites based on the number of visitors who visit the website. The results of the rankings that show up on Alexa are based on its own tools as well as from other credible sources. 

It publishes the data collected from all these sources and also factors in the number of users and page views at the time of publishing its results. That is to say, it includes the average number of visits from visitors as well as page views on a website for a period of 3 months.

One can download the tool to check Alexa site info by downloading its compatible version for a browser. It works on the majority of primary browsers such as Firefox, and Google Chrome.

As far as the accuracy of the data is concerned, it is useful in the general sense. The data it produces is based on the internet surfing behavior of people.

Though many users install it, not all of them constitute the data it shares regarding the traffic of a website. The majority of them tend to skip their ranking feature. Despite the fact that its data isn’t infallible, it is useful for forming a general idea.

What are the benefits of using Alexa rankings for checking the rankings of your website?

Among other things, Alexa allows webmasters to study and find out where their website stands among other websites. This helps them discover if they need to make changes to their website or their existing strategy of website promotion to overtake their competitors.

Alexa ranking is based on the study of the user behaviour of the users of a website over a period of 3 months.

You need to check Alexa rank for the following purposes:

Self Analysis

For bloggers and webmasters, Alexa ranking is an indispensable tool. It can be of great help for them to get an insight into the position of their website vis-a-vis that of their competitors. 

They can get to know if their efforts are producing results in terms of the improvement in the rankings of their websites or blogs. 

Accordingly, they can decide if they need to make any change to their existing strategy. 

Competitive Analysis

Due to the growing competition, there is an increased impetus on evaluating the data of one website with regard to that of the other website(s).

Regardless of the number of competitors you have, and their websites, you can compare the number of visitors it attracts in comparison to your website. 

With the information of the Alexa website ranking tool, you can get a fair idea about the type of traffic you need to generate to stay a step ahead in the competition.

Marketing Analysis

For advertisers, Alexa serves as a virtual assistant to identify the websites with healthy traffic on which they can place their ads. This way, advertisers get to know about websites with the highest marketing capability.

Generally, websites with sizable traffic are ideal for promotional purposes. By publishing their advertisements on such sites, they not only get more leads but also the best possible chances to make sales.

“Who-is-Who” Analysis

While there is no dearth of online tools and resources that provide generalized information about the traffic of different websites, there is a growing demand for such information based on countries and categories.

The data from Alexa is a reliable tool for people to find out more about the popularity of a website in a specific country or category. This allows data analysts to make “Who-is-Who” analysis in a simple and hassle-free way.

How to use Alexa rank checker provided by SEOToolr

Using the Alexa checker tool of our website is simple and easy. All your need to do is copy and paste the URLs of your website and the one for which you want to see the results. Click on “Submit”. Our tool will show the results in a few seconds.

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