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About Word Counter

What is a word counter tool?

A word count tool, or a character to word count converter, is a program that enables a user to keep track of the number of words in a document. In other words, it is a word calculator that calculates the number of words in an assignment.

Any piece of writing involves text. Whether you are writing webpage content or thesis, it is important to keep an eye over the word count. Exceeding the required number of words not only makes a document look longer but also proves to be a criminal waste of time.

If you are on a tight deadline, you may not want to spend a long time in manually counting the number of words in your assignment. Even if you have time in hand, you may commit a mistake by calculating the number of words in this manner.

A word counter tool is a quick fix to saving both time and hassle involved in handling the task of determining the word count. Apart from its swiftness, it also performs the task accurately.

What is the importance of a word letter counter?

Today, people are more concerned about doing things in time than ever before. Gone are the days when people use to focus on getting a piece of work done rather than focusing on how quickly it has been done. At present, it is the direct opposite of what it was in the past.

Completing your work within allotted time can mark the fine line of distinction between your success or failure. If you are a student, it can earn you good grades. If you are an employee or are working on a project, it can help you adhere to a given deadline and make your client happy.

Apart from finishing up a piece of writing in time, a word letter counter tool also works to maintain the aesthetics of a piece of writing. If you are working on an assignment that needs to be concluded in just 500 words, there is no point in extending it up to 1000 words.

For a moment, you may feel as if you are helping others by your expanded piece of writing but that may not be the case. The rationale behind the word limit may be based on specific requirements.

Who needs to keep an eye on the total character count?

From students to bloggers or self-employed wordsmiths, tracking the total character count is important for all.

In your write-up, you essentially type characters. If counting the number of words is a mammoth task, monitoring the number of characters may need a Herculean effort on your part. This is because you are likely to spend more time counting the number of characters individually than the number of words.

Even as you keep aside the duration of time and effort in doing with manual effort, accuracy is another consideration for which you may want to assign the task to an application.

Exceeding the word count reflects a lack of professionalism. Falling short of it is unethical, especially when you have strict instructions not to write a lesser number of words than the specified word count. Your best bet to avoid both the scenarios is to calculate number of words in a paragraph.

Instead of installing an application for this purpose, you are likely to find it more convenient by using an online word count tool. You will find it more helpful if you work on two or more devices.

How a word letter counter tool proves to be useful?

A word letter counter tool calculates the number of words in a written document. Owing to this feature, it benefits writers, teachers, students, and other professionals in various ways.

For writers, it proves to be beneficial from the standpoint of SEO. To rank a website, it is important to adhere to the word count limit as per the SEO guidelines. On average, a written piece must have at least 400 words with a title of 70 or more characters to meet this requirement.

Students need to keep track of the word count for a different purpose. At the time of writing an assignment, a student is expected to bear the specified word count in mind. Going beyond it or writing a lesser number of words than the requirement can make them liable to get marked down.

Teachers need to count the words while checking the assignments of their students. Among other things, this is one of the vital criteria for awarding marks or grades after the assessment of a piece of written work submitted by a pupil. They can do so effortlessly by using a word count tool.

Other professionals like secretaries and lawyers work on a tight schedule. They need to prepare a written document as quickly as possible. A word letter counter tool can save them both time and hassle.

How to use the word count tool provided by SEOToolr

Our SEO word count tool is simple and easy to use. To calculate the number of words in a written piece, copy all the words from it and paste it in the box. Alternatively, you can also enter the text manually.

Upon the completion of this step, click the option “Count Words” below the box. The tool will display the word count and character count separately in the result section below the option to count words. Go ahead and try our tool to get your webpage word count character count.

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