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What is the significance of the backlink checker?

A free backlink checker tool allows users to find out the number of backlinks that a website has. 

Apart from webmasters, who own websites, it is of paramount importance for SEO analysts. Both can use this software application to analyse the information pertaining to the backlinks on their website.

Using this tool, they can judge the relevance of the backlinks on their website. They can determine if the backlinks on their website are related to their product or service. 

Depending on this information, they can make a decision on whether or not they should keep a given backlink on their website or remove it.

This apart, they can also find out more information about the quality of the backlinks that exist on their website. As far as the relevance and importance of backlinks are concerned, both quality and quantity play an important role.

For the most part, website owners and SEO professionals check backlinks using this free online tool. But those who are interested to find out more about the backlinks on a specific website can also use it.

Why find backlinks of a website using a backlink checking tool?

While useful and relevant backlinks can do a world of good to the reputation of a website, the wrong backlinks can produce the opposite result.

A webmaster or an SEO professional should keep an eye on the number and quality of backlinks on their concerned website from time to time for the following reasons:

To assess the quality of the referring domains

As a webmaster, you know the importance of investing your time and money in building quality backlinks. Despite doing it, you may not be sure if you are investing in the right backlink.

Your best bet to check if your backlink is spamming your website or helping it come up a notch in the rankings is to use a backlink checking tool. If needed, you can also find backlinks of a website that can help improve the rankings of your website. 

With this feature, you identify high-quality backlinking domains from the ones that aren’t as high.

For evaluating the backlinks that can damage the reputation of your website

It takes days, weeks, and even months for a website to earn its reputation in the crowd of other websites on the internet. While backlinks can be handy in this endeavour, not getting quality backlinks can be counter-productive.

With a backlink checker tool, you can establish the backlinks that you should get rid of. This way, you get rid of the less productive backlinks and replace them with the ones that are likely to yield desirable results.

For avoiding different kinds of penalties pertaining to the use of backlinks

The wrong use of backlinks can lead to Penguin penalization which can be detrimental to both your website and the business or the objectives linked to it. 

If you want your website to stay clear of the possibility of getting a penalty from Google, which can put it into the latter’s bad books, it is imperative that you keep an eye on the role of the backlinks from your website.

You need to run a check on the backlinks to verify it and a free backlink checker tool can help you perform this task with finesse. This way, it can save your website from getting hit by a Google penalty for the violation of its backlinking guidelines.

For preventing your website from getting out of indexing

Alongside penalty, your website also faces the risk of losing its indexing position. This can happen due to a number of reasons. 

Even one reason that goes against Google’s guidelines is good enough to throw your website out of the gear of Google’s indexing. Nothing can be worse than this kind of situation for a webmaster.

Checking your keywords with an inbound link checker tool can help you prevent your website from landing into such situations.

How does a backlink checker prove to be useful to a website in terms of backlinks?

One of the major tasks of a backlink checker is to find out the number of backlinks on a website. That is to say, the tool analyzes the number of backlinks that are already posted on a website.

As far as the feasibility of backlinks for a website is concerned, it is important to remember that both quality and quantity are of equal importance. Therefore, it is important that a webmaster focuses on both these aspects.

A backlink analyzer tool can take care of both with finesse.

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