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Things You Should Know About Domain Age

Domain age highlights the length of the time that a website has been active and registered, this information helps the visitors to trust the website and the search engine. The two most important factors which play an important role in the age of the domain name are the for how much time the website has been registered and for how much time the website has been active or for how long the website has crawlable content on the web.

If a visitor knows how old is a website, then he can have the basic trust of that website. The search engine factor domain age from the website creation date and when a first inbound link to the website is noticed.

While domain age conveys trust to the search engine but it is only one factor among others which helps the website to rank better in the search engine. Hence, the new website owners should not worry about this issue as it may take some time rather they should focus on posting quality content for their website to get relevant inbound links.

How Domain Age Plays an Important Role in Ranking Your Website in Google?

You should know that domain age is very crucial SEO factor for the Google ranking, among 1000 of ranking factors Google considered the fact how long the domain has been around. Let me clear one fact that domain age is not about how long you have owned a given domain name rather how long it has been indexed by Google or identified the link to the domain.

That's mean if a domain has been registered for 10 years that does not imply that Google will consider it as 10 years old because it should have a site indexed by Google. If you have a website and you want to check domain age then let me inform you that there are many SEO domain age tool is available in the online market, you just need to choose the best wisely.

A properly aged domain can give you 1000 dollars earning because an aged domain has a strong optimization power and when it gets good content it does well in SERPs. Therefore, it will be better for a businessman to buy a domain as soon as possible. Apart from this, they should also plan to hold the domain for a long period because that would let the domain age and gain more authority with the search engine.

Concluding the fact that a business should create a website for a long term play to gain a competitive advantage. Because if a website owner can hold the website for a longer period then he can get the advantage in the SERPs. As the search engine looks for the longevity of a site.

To get higher ranking in the search engine and to boost the traffic of the website overtime for more sales revenue it is essential to the site should plan to be around for a long time to ensure it gets its authority as soon as possible. To find a domain age you can use the best domain age tool like seotoolr. You can visit the website to check website history you will get an idea about the potentiality of the website.

The age of domain name plays a significant role in ranking our website on the search engine as Google takes the age of the domain to judge the authenticity of the website. If your domain age is old then it can boost your PR. Moreover, all experienced webmasters and veteran developers are aware of the fact that more the age of the domain the chance of website doing well gets increased.

How to Check the Domain Age of Your Website?

Seotoolr is an online tool that you can use to find the accurate age of your domain from the time when you registered the website until its active. The checking process is very simple you need to visit the website first then you have to type domain age checker, you will see the domain age page will pop up.

Then type your URL you will get the most accurate domain age. There are many free domain age checker tools in the online market but most of them provide an inaccurate date, so it is recommended to go for seotoolr for your website. Apart from these, there are many other important seo tools you will get from this website.

Online website age checker tools are playing an important role in making every business more competitive. As a businessman, you can buy an aged domain but this tool will help you to judge the actual age of the website before paying the money to the website seller.

What Is the Advantage of Getting an Aged Domain?

If you are building a site to rank high in Google then you can short cut the long process by getting an aged domain. There are many domains available in the online market which has been dropped and made available. These domains can play a crucial role to make you achieve a good rank in the search engine than a newly registered domain.

An aged domain can save your few months of hard work by giving you a foot up in your niche. You can leverage with aged domain because Google gives more preference to the older sites.

Older domains will help you to create a good foundation for your website. You will be able to promote your new niche more effectively with an older domain as Google will index your website in very little time. You can speed up a lot of processes like PR with specific software and backlinking.

As many website owners are faking their domain age to Google, hence by getting the older domain you can win the trust of Google more easily because older domains are almost validation within itself. Not all online business owners are taking advantage of older domains, so you must get into it before too many people are going for it.

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